Personalized Nutrigenomics Testing -

This non-invasive saliva test determines how your genes respond to specific foods, beverages and supplements. Jill then works with you to create a personalized nutrition plan based on your health needs, goals and lifestyle.

Personalized Grocery Store Visit -

 Together we will tour the grocery store of your choice for personalized food selection that meets your health needs and answers your specific questions about label reading, healthiest options and much more!     

In-home Pantry Evaluation -

The first step on your journey to good health is a Personalized Healthy Eating & Exercise Plan. But another vital step to your success is having the right foods in your kitchen to support your new plan. Jill will gladly come into your home and review the contents of your refrigerator and pantry, helping you quickly determine which foods should stay and which foods should go. She will provide suggestions for nutritious substitutes and create a shopping list to set you up for success right away.

Lunch & Learn class: “Top 10 Tips & Tricks When Eating Out” -

Invite Jill for a fun, casual conversation with your group while you enjoy a meal. Jill will suggest healthy options to choose from the menu in hand, talk about tips and strategies to lower calories and improve the nutritional content of meals when eating out and answer your specific restaurant questions.

In-home “Ask the Nutrition Expert” -

Invite Jill to speak to a group of your friends in your home while you enjoy appetizers, wine and cheese or a meal together. Jill will talk about common nutrition myths and answer your specific nutrition questions. It's an opportunity to learn and get expert advice while having fun!

 In-home “Recipe Makeover” -

Invite Jill and your friends to an in-home cooking social. The host and friends provide a total of 3 recipes that Jill will show you how to make healthier, yet still taste delicious. You ad your friends will prepare, enjoy and take home the recipes and any leftovers.