Roasted Broad Beans -- Never Heard of Them?

I love this new-found food, so I’m featuring it this month!

Never heard of them? You’re not alone! Almost every woman I’ve asked has never heard of roasted broad beans and has never tried them. They're also known as fava beans and really worth a try!

The Enlightened roasted broad beans make a great snack in the afternoon because they’re a good source of fiber at 3 grams per serving and a healthy protein with 7 grams per serving. Why do protein and fiber matter? They can make a big difference in how long you stay full which often means less grazing and snacking on high calorie, less nutritious foods, such as chips, sweets, or other carbs during that mid-afternoon lull. The fiber is also important for people who have high cholesterol or high blood sugar. If that wasn’t enough, broad beans are also a good source of potassium and provide some iron and magnesium—all important minerals for women to eat regularly.  

Along with being a great snack, these roasted broad beans also work well tossed into salad -- a great replacement for croutons if you’re avoiding the extra carbs, but looking for a good crunch!  

 Disclosures: I do not receive compensation from Enlightened™ or any other company who makes roasted broad beans. The information contained in this article are my opinions only and should not be construed as medical advice or treatment.