What clients say about Jill...

"Jill West is the real deal.  I use her exclusively as my professional nutritionist. As I am getting older. I see how important it is to "fine tune" my nutritional needs. She zeroed in to make sure I was not overdoing my vitamins and calcium  by looking at what I normally eat and calculating the proper amount of daily supplements.
I highly recommend Jill."
--Laura L.

"I met with with Jill West, RDN for nutrition consulting to obtain personalized advice for a healthy eating plan, not only to lose weight, but to feel my best, and to maintain good health, strong bone density, and optimal mobility long-term. I chose her "3-Session Coaching Plan" package plus the Nutrigenomix (saliva DNA) testing she offers. Jill developed a healthy eating plan for me that I can stick with for life, individualized for my dietary needs, caloric requirements, activity level, health history, and food preferences, taking into account my genetic profile (from Nutrigenomix). Her recommendation for me to eat a breakfast containing more protein, to have more energy and less hunger, and feel satisfied longer, has allowed me to delay my next mealtime to ~ 2 hours later than before. This shift also means I am not "hangry" in the late afternoons, and I make it to dinnertime without unhealthy snacking. I have lost weight as a result (despite some holiday and birthday overindulgences) and I look and feel better in my clothes. Jill is a Registered Dietician, not a "nutritionist"; she really "knows her stuff", and her advice is based on scientific research and facts. I recommend Jill highly! " -- Marcia P.

"Jill provides Nutrigenomics testing, which helped me understand how my genes affect what I should be eating and what exercise I should do to improve my cholesterol, lose weight and avoid diabetes, which runs in my family. Jill offered simple, practical changes to my diet, which helped lower my cholesterol without adding more medication. Jill is a Registered Dietitian I highly recommend! Her recipes and food plan are easy to follow." -- Tina B

"As a local Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, I work with patients on numerous health issues. Any time there is a need for a professional nutrition consult, Jill is my go-to referral. I have referred her many times and always receive amazing feedback. Jill has an excellent demeanor and delivers information in a way that is able to be absorbed and implemented into action. Her methods for nutritional planning are the gold standard for her field, and the results her clients receive speak for themselves. Whether you are in need of a drastic lifestyle change to combat metabolic disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss, etc.), or simply need a nutrition tune-up, Jill West is the professional to help you meet your goals." -- Daniel McClelland, DC

"Jill is very very educated and such an inspiration. Not only can she help you control your blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic needs she has even authored a book called 400 Mom's. A great resource for healthy children's foods.  She really helped my husband figure out his diet after being diagnosed with PD." -- Leeann C.

"I was apprehensive when I first came for my appointment because I thought I'd feel uncomfortable telling you what I normally eat. I was relieved and pleased to find how comfortable you made me feel and how you didn't focus on my weight or make me feel like I should be eating completely differently. You were so supportive - you took me as I am and worked with my concerns and listened to me so thoughtfully. You carefully considered how to work with foods I already liked and didn't make me feel like I had to try a lot of new foods. You gave me great "tools" to work with so I was able to get the extra weight off without feeling excessively hungry (for the first time in my life) and also improve my snacking tendencies. I have been using the tools ever since, and I've been very grateful to you for that!"   --Lynne Rumery

"I had a high blood sugar diagnosis and my doctor suggested I go on the Paleo diet. When I consulted with Jill, she pointed out that cutting out several major food groups might lower my blood sugar for my next test, but eliminating food groups for the rest of my life wasn't setting me or my body up for long term success. As a parent and wife, she understands the realities of family meals and gave me many ideas I could use when feeding not just me, but my entire family.

I appreciated Jill's practical wisdom in the heat of a highly emotional and disturbing health crisis in my life. Jill was a godsend and remains a knowledgeable, invaluable resource in my life."  -- Carolyn Casey

"Great, balanced approach to feeding busy families!"    -- Stephanie Francis-Jones

Jill as a Speaker...

"Your presentation '6 Best Foods for Women Over 50' is a 'must-see' presentation for women!" -- Trudy Triner

"The '6 Best Foods for Women Over 50' presentation was engaging and very, very informative, with information I can actually use." -- Jeri Edgar

"Your presentation had great ideas! I felt I was talking to a mom and not lectured to by a professional...even though she is a professional!"   --Veronica Modarelli

"Your presentation provided good sound advice. Down-to-earth, no judgment, no all-or-nothing strategy."  --Jill Walsh

"A balanced presentation that was realistic for busy families about healthy choices at home, pre-made from stores and in restaurants." --A.V